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Trades and the Affective Domain – minipod II

the Guild Podcast – Trades and the Affective Domain David Krathwohl’s Taxonomy – click here         More often than not the difference between the good and great tradespeople is the level of respect each holds for different… Continue Reading →

Servant Leadership in Foundations

Servant Leadership in Foundations In this short but important chapter Greenleaf describes the ‘what and how’ of serving others through the office of an operating foundation. Greenleaf defines a foundations as: a group of trustees who manage a pool of… Continue Reading →

the Guild Podcast – Vlog Test

Examining Our Assumptions

In this chapter, Greenleaf speaks about the role of the servant in education and how we might begin or continue examining our assumptions. Although it’s a great topic for the chapter I was left wondering about the scope. I resonated… Continue Reading →

the Guild podcast – Minipod – Continuous Learning

the Guild podcast – Mike and Peter – Metal Fab

Shownotes for the Guild podcast episode 18 – Metal Fab Steel Fab Trades – Iron Worker, Steel Fabrication, Boilermaker Metal Fab / Ironworker – 3 year Red Seal Trade Mike McKoryk (Metal Fab Chief Instructor) – Peter Thomas (Metal… Continue Reading →

In Virtute Mediocres – Excellence over Mediocrity

First let me say that I have tremendous respect for those who lead successful business and treat their employees so well that they don’t want to leave. Even if they are offered more money! Exchanging mediocrity for excellence is difficult in any… Continue Reading →

Why do leaders lead?

Why do leaders lead? The quintessential question of MBA and MA programs across the nation. Is it because of some deep seated narcissistic need to be in control or do they feel compelled to lead because no one else will?… Continue Reading →

The New Trustee

In this week’s chapter, I read Greenleaf’s essays on what it means to be a trustee. I feel he did a great job in outlining the roles and responsibilities of a trustee both in the current conceptual model and the… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Extreme Ownership

I know, there seems to be a lot of book reviewing going on around here! I did promise that once I finished this book I would offer my review. If you like it, please feel free to pass it on… Continue Reading →

the Guild Podcast – Chad Flinn – APP 2 CEO

Chad Flinn – Electrical Instructor at BCIT and Instructor for APP 2 CEO   Red Seal Electrician Worked at BCIT for last 8yrs Worked up north in Ft McMurray Passionate about teaching his trade and tradespeople about starting and running… Continue Reading →

A Revolution of Expectations

Sometimes I read a book or a chapter and find that there is truly nothing new under the sun. Although this chapter suited the previous statement, there were some statements that would encourage a revolution of expectations. This chapter is… Continue Reading →

Does Change Management Really Work?

You would have be either living under a rock or on Mars with no Wi-Fi to claim any ignorance of world events over the last year. It seems several times a day news feeds are reporting on one failure or… Continue Reading →

the Guild podcast Special Edition – Contractor Corner

Elie Yaacoub is a ticketed Plumber / Gasfitter in the Greater Toronto Area. He is a second generation plumber (his dad is also a plumber) and along with his many experiences Elie has started his own business and has taught… Continue Reading →

Create Dangerously

To create dangerously one must be willing to venture into the darkness. I wrote about being creative some time ago and if you want you can read those posts here. Yet Greenleaf highlights the need for creating dangerously clearly and… Continue Reading →

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