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October 2016

4 Methods of Getting a Stronger Heart

You have often heard the phrase, ‘his heart just wasn’t in it’ or when someone changes their mind on something significant we often say they had ‘a change of heart’. When your young child wants something very badly we say… Continue Reading →

When I was an apprentice in the plumbing trade, I learned very quickly that in order to compete with the other apprentices (sometimes this is done to complete tasks but more often than not it is about keeping your job)… Continue Reading →

As with most things in life when you commit to trying something new, invariably you are tested in the very thing you are writing about. Last week we talked about the importance of discipline and it seemed an appropriate topic… Continue Reading →

stronger as we go Some time ago I had the opportunity to I sit down with a colleague to talk about life and leadership. Eventually, the conversation lead to the question, “how do you do everything that you do?” Sometimes… Continue Reading →

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