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January 2017

Routines – pt 2

Several posts ago I wrote about routines and how I have designed and utilized what I call my, ‘5 after 5’. Five things that I try to get accomplished after 5 am. Since then some people have been asking me… Continue Reading →


I know that not everyone’s a football fan, just like not everyone is a bacon fan (we can talk about that later) but I do favour both. So I’m partaking in something that I haven’t had a chance to do… Continue Reading →

Only One Thing…

If someone said to you, ‘you have one year to accomplish only one thing, what would your one thing be?’. A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my journey through an exercise called Life Planning. I spent considerable time… Continue Reading →


Let me be completely transparent. I’m naturally an evening person. I like staying up late. I always have liked staying up late. Not surprisingly, I can do some pretty good work in the evening. I found some of my best… Continue Reading →

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