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February 2017

Invest in People – the returns are always better than you expect.

Re-reading my ‘happy birthday’ letter to my 16 yr. old daughter the other day not only made me feel nostalgic but also a slight tinge of fear mixed with wonder. Did I raise her well enough? Did I tell her… Continue Reading →

That one thing…

If someone were to ask you what the single most important leadership trait is, what would you say? Would you say it is honesty? Respect? Accountability? Communication? Intuition? Commitment? Vision? Confidence? Ethical or Moral standards? Mindfulness? I can remember a… Continue Reading →

The Tough Task of a Rebuild

Last post I indicated that trust just might be the most important commodity that you can own. It takes a long time to build and a moment to break. But I also know that sometimes situations and even more importantly, people, can be re-built. They can be restored, they can be redeemed.

The Power of One Word…

In this crazy political climate one thing is ringing true. The value of trust could not be higher. I would guess that in almost any political era it has been hard to trust almost any elected official. Type the word… Continue Reading →

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