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March 2017

EQ – Balancing Relationships

The last four weeks we have been investigating the topic of emotional intelligence (EQ) and I have talked about the importance of starting with self-awareness (SA). SA then lead to self-management which makes sense because after becoming aware of our… Continue Reading →

the Rhanting Rhino returns

I started blogging a long time ago as a means of getting my rants out of my brain – probably to create space but also to engage in the somewhat new medium at the time. So I’ve included the link… Continue Reading →

EQ – Social Awareness and the Smiling Rhino

Amir is listening to Frank talking about his brother-in-law. Frank doesn’t like his brother-in-law very much. Frank complains and cuts his brother-in-law down and demeans him. Frank never uses his brother-in-law’s name and only refers to him as ‘that idiot’…. Continue Reading →

the Guild – prequel

In this very first episode, I answer some of the questions that I would ask those who appear on the show. I also talk about the turning point of my mindset and describe the two most important things every apprentice… Continue Reading →

EQ – Balancing Ourselves for Better Output

Have you ever thought about how someone could be the epitome of patience and cool when the meeting you are in just when south in a hurry? It seems they can just ‘flip the switch’ and they never lose their… Continue Reading →

EQ – Tuning in (ward)

So you just found out that you missed out on the next promotion and you were told that someone else is going to the conference that you applied for, and you just spilled coffee on that report which you will… Continue Reading →

EQ – Balancing the Music in Our Heads

I thought I would try something new this month. I want to spend the next four weeks unpacking EQ – other-wise-known-as…emotional intelligence (cue the music). Emotional intelligence first appeared as a construct in 1920 and after some time was presented… Continue Reading →

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