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June 2017

Legacy Series pt IV – Courage

Say the word courage to ten people and ask them to define it you will most likely receive back ten different definitions of courage. You will also discover ten different stories about courage. Different people, different circumstances yet all the… Continue Reading →

the Guild Podcast – So, You Want to Work up North?

Rick Lindberg – Steamfitter – So, You Want to Work Up North? In this episode, “so, you want to work up north?” I interview Rick Lindberg. Rick’s a new steamfitting instructor with us here at BCIT. Before he embarked upon… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt III – Consistency

In this third installment of the legacy series let us consider consistency. We often hear in the sports world that consistency is the key to success. Being consistent in their diet, their training, and their approach to the mental game… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt II – 5 Crucial Concepts for Building a Legacy

Legacy Series pt II – Confidentiality and 5 Actions to Build and Protect It. In this Legacy Series pt II dealing with confidentiality, consider the following story about Jason. Jason has been working in his new role as program head… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series – 5 Crucial Concepts for Building a Legacy

Legacy Series – 5 Crucial Concepts By no means do I consider myself to have built a lasting legacy yet. I’ve been married for 20 yrs and have four children in their teen age years, yet I feel like I’m… Continue Reading →

What Inspires You?

  What inspires you? Music? Great Biographies? A Movie, Play, or how about that book that you couldn’t put down? Often times I am inspired by those who through difficult circumstances and almost insurmountable odds overcome their circumstances. It’s the… Continue Reading →

the Guild Podcast – Starting My Business After Trades-School

Thanks for downloading the episode and taking the time to read the show notes. I really appreciate it. I had the privilege of sitting down with one our newest instructor hires and chat about his experience in apprenticeship and how… Continue Reading →

Dealing with Potentials

“I deal in Potentials” I remember having a conversation the other day and the person I was conversing with to told me that he deals in potentiality. To be more precise, he said: “I deal in potentials”. I regret not… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Tribal Leadership

Why did I buy Tribal Leadership? I bought Tribal Leadership (TL) because of the secondary title. “Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization”. This really caught my eye because of a couple of reasons;   I am finding that… Continue Reading →

The Role of Intuition

Ever felt that you knew you had to make a decision but not knowing the role of intuition, you decided to wait for more information before making the call? There was a time when Sam needed to make a strategic… Continue Reading →

First Ever Vlog – with my iPhone 6S


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