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July 2017

5 Keys to Building Dysfunctional Teams

5 Keys to Building Dysfunctional Teams Satirical point of view – just in case there are any peeps out there who might mistake this post as an attempt to actually help build a successful team. Key #1 – Don’t Communicate… Continue Reading →


YES! Half-Way-There! Welcome to our half-way point! I’ve officially done 10 episodes now…amazing! And I’m having a blast doing these podcasts. Some things to note about this episode; Going back to school soon? Get Financially Ready Set Yourself Up for… Continue Reading →

Making Teamwork Safe

Sometimes you just want to throw the towel. Not a “throwing in” the towel so much as just throwing the towel. It’s not about resignation. It’s more about frustration. A throwing it with power and purpose. I remember thinking to… Continue Reading →

A Sea-Turf Approach to Buy In

I can still remember the exact jobsite, the heat of the day, and the conversation like it happened yesterday. “You can’t be the lead hand on this job, you’re not even a journeyman yet”. The words came with heavy sarcasm… Continue Reading →

the Guild Podcast – Tamara Pongracz – from Librarian to Welder to Chief Instructor

Tamara Pongracz – IP Red Seal Certified Plumber – From Librarian to Welding to Plumbing Tamara is the Chief Instructor for the Trades Access / Trades Discovery Program at BCIT. Tamera talks about her transition from those “typical girl’s jobs”… Continue Reading →

Working in Teams

I love working in teams. Most likely it goes all the way back to my younger years when I played soccer and football.  The practices were awesome, I loved learning how to play my position and how I fit into… Continue Reading →

What do you do for rest?

What do you do for rest? What do you do to get rest? Almost sounds like an oxymoron – what do you do. Yet it seems that most of us look forward to a period of rest. Rest from our… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Execution: the discipline of getting things done

Want to more about how to elevate with excellence the execution of your plans? In this short review, I’ll give you my thoughts about Bossidy and Charan’s book, Execution: the discipline of getting things done. I also wrote a blog… Continue Reading →

Special Episode – Canadian International Conference on Education

Canadian International Conference on Education University of Toronto (Mississauga) Key Note #1 – Changing Mindset in a Changing World Levels of poverty are increasing The “Middle Class” is disappearing Poverty reaches across all demographics A need to change mindsets –… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt -V – Common Grace

In this last installment in the Legacy Series, I reflect upon how Common Grace should be a crucial concept for leaving a lasting legacy. Two events that happen within weeks of each other key me onto this question. The first… Continue Reading →

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