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Building Trust

A Sea-Turf Approach to Buy In

I can still remember the exact jobsite, the heat of the day, and the conversation like it happened yesterday. “You can’t be the lead hand on this job, you’re not even a journeyman yet”. The words came with heavy sarcasm… Continue Reading →

EQ – Balancing Relationships

The last four weeks we have been investigating the topic of emotional intelligence (EQ) and I have talked about the importance of starting with self-awareness (SA). SA then lead to self-management which makes sense because after becoming aware of our… Continue Reading →

The Tough Task of a Rebuild

Last post I indicated that trust just might be the most important commodity that you can own. It takes a long time to build and a moment to break. But I also know that sometimes situations and even more importantly, people, can be re-built. They can be restored, they can be redeemed.

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