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Looking Back I like to take some time at the end of the work day to write for about 15-20 minutes to clear my head and note down what I learned that day. Reflection can bring a lot of perspective… Continue Reading →

Episode 33 – How to Become a Better Listener

How to Become a Better Listener Hope you find this helpful! If you want the cheat sheet, sign up to the guild community and I’ll send it over. The Acronym for today’s podcast…EAR (Empathy – Acknowledgement – Respond) other podcasts… Continue Reading →

One Year in…

Well, its hard to believe that it has been one year since I started my blog. You can read my first post here. If you want the Coles Notes version here it is; Started the blog on a suggestion Started… Continue Reading →

Why do leaders lead?

Why do leaders lead? The quintessential question of MBA and MA programs across the nation. Is it because of some deep seated narcissistic need to be in control or do they feel compelled to lead because no one else will?… Continue Reading →

Weekly Book Review -Servant Leadership

Introduction to the Series – Servant Leadership I wanted to start a new series on servant leadership and I thought what better way to do a series than to actually go through the book on Servant Leadership (SL) written by Robert… Continue Reading →

A Sea-Turf Approach to Buy In

I can still remember the exact jobsite, the heat of the day, and the conversation like it happened yesterday. “You can’t be the lead hand on this job, you’re not even a journeyman yet”. The words came with heavy sarcasm… Continue Reading →

the Guild Podcast – Tamara Pongracz – from Librarian to Welder to Chief Instructor

Tamara Pongracz – IP Red Seal Certified Plumber – From Librarian to Welding to Plumbing Tamara is the Chief Instructor for the Trades Access / Trades Discovery Program at BCIT. Tamera talks about her transition from those “typical girl’s jobs”… Continue Reading →

Working in Teams

I love working in teams. Most likely it goes all the way back to my younger years when I played soccer and football.  The practices were awesome, I loved learning how to play my position and how I fit into… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt -V – Common Grace

In this last installment in the Legacy Series, I reflect upon how Common Grace should be a crucial concept for leaving a lasting legacy. Two events that happen within weeks of each other key me onto this question. The first… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt IV – Courage

Say the word courage to ten people and ask them to define it you will most likely receive back ten different definitions of courage. You will also discover ten different stories about courage. Different people, different circumstances yet all the… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt III – Consistency

In this third installment of the legacy series let us consider consistency. We often hear in the sports world that consistency is the key to success. Being consistent in their diet, their training, and their approach to the mental game… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series pt II – 5 Crucial Concepts for Building a Legacy

Legacy Series pt II – Confidentiality and 5 Actions to Build and Protect It. In this Legacy Series pt II dealing with confidentiality, consider the following story about Jason. Jason has been working in his new role as program head… Continue Reading →

Legacy Series – 5 Crucial Concepts for Building a Legacy

Legacy Series – 5 Crucial Concepts By no means do I consider myself to have built a lasting legacy yet. I’ve been married for 20 yrs and have four children in their teen age years, yet I feel like I’m… Continue Reading →

Dealing with Potentials

“I deal in Potentials” I remember having a conversation the other day and the person I was conversing with to told me that he deals in potentiality. To be more precise, he said: “I deal in potentials”. I regret not… Continue Reading →

The Role of Intuition

Ever felt that you knew you had to make a decision but not knowing the role of intuition, you decided to wait for more information before making the call? There was a time when Sam needed to make a strategic… Continue Reading →

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