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Episode 34 – BCIT Heavy Motive Power – Russell Oye

Today’s episode I sit down and chat with Russel Oye. He is the chief instructor of BCIT’s Heavy Motive Power out on Annacis Island. Russell is a life long learner, comes from a trades family, and absolutely loves his trade… Continue Reading →

Episode 33 – How to Become a Better Listener

How to Become a Better Listener Hope you find this helpful! If you want the cheat sheet, sign up to the guild community and I’ll send it over. The Acronym for today’s podcast…EAR (Empathy – Acknowledgement – Respond) other podcasts… Continue Reading →

Episode 32 – Eric & Lawrence – BCIT Automotive

BCIT Automotive – it’s more than just cars I had a lot of fun interviewing Eric Fry and Lawrence Potyondi from the Automotive shop at BCIT. It’s evident that these guys love their trade and love seeing students succeed.  Eric… Continue Reading →

Episode 31 – Self-Awareness – What’s the Value?

Before you by-pass this episode and think that self-awareness has no place in the Trades…think about what you felt when you first saw this picture. That’s being self-aware. What value does it have for people in the skilled trades? Take… Continue Reading →

Episode 30 – Kat Hassard – SAIT

This was such a great episode! Kat is a plumbing/gasfitting instructor at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) located in Calgary, Alb. We first met at last year’s Pipe Instructor’s Conference and she graciously accepted my invitation to be n… Continue Reading →

the Guild podcast – Cornerstone – Trades Education

In this episode of the Guild I interview the top guests from previous episodes about; trades education meta learning essential skills millenials how to get the best out of ourselves As you might be able to tell we had a… Continue Reading →

the Guild Episode 28 – Kacem, BCIT Avionics part 2

Welcome back! this is part 2 of my interview with Kacem from the BCIT Avionics program at  the ATC training centre in Richmond, BC. I really hope you enjoy this episode. I had a blast spending this time with Kacem…. Continue Reading →

the Guild Episode 27 – Kacem – BCIT Avionics (Part 1)

the Guild podcast – Kacem @ BCIT Avionics It was a real treat to interview Kacem. Just listening to his transition to Canada will inspire you. Kacem is a great colleague and an experienced educator. Kacem loves his trade, loves… Continue Reading →

Friday Shorts – Not What I Expected

Not what I expected… short episode – big take away – hold your expected outcomes loosly…things just might be better than you expect   email – Instagram – @the.guild.podcast facebook – the Guild    

Essential Skills Workshop – Paying Attention

Are you paying attention? Paying attention can also be described as ‘active listening’. As a husband, father of four teenagers, and a chief instructor to 15 piping trades instructors the topic of active listening is absolutely an essential skill. How… Continue Reading →

Welcome Back

The Guild Podcast Season 2-Episode 26 Welcome Back! What happened in December? Took a break – Why did I do it that way? Wanted to take a small sabbatical from content development Doing some research about “Inter-Collegiate Practice” Started a… Continue Reading →

the Guild podcast – Episode 22 – Respect

the Guild Podcast…Episode 21…Elmo Bryan Pinpin – Pastry Arts

Bryan Pinpin – IP Red Seal Pastry Arts Three Goals Bryan Wrote Down Before He Started Pastry Chef @ very good establishment Teach my craft Own my own business Highlights of the Episode: What’s it like to first start out… Continue Reading →

Tribute to My Dad

In this tribute to my dad, I highlight some of the things that made my dad…well, my dad.This episode is born out of the celebration of tradespeople day (Sept 15) and the fact that my Dad’s birthday was Sept 29…. Continue Reading →

Trades from Middle Earth – Paul Simpson

Being a tradesperson from middle earth (Kamloops, BC) means you get a broad range of experiences. Paul’s expereince is testimony to that fact. Paul is a third generation tradesperson who was first exposed to the trades as a boy helping… Continue Reading →

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