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Is the Price too High?

Is the price of collaboration too high? Of all the buzzwords floating around offices and shops today, there is no bigger buzzword than collaboration. Like most buzzwords, there exists a shelf life for words like collaboration. However, no one can… Continue Reading →

5 Keys to Building Dysfunctional Teams

5 Keys to Building Dysfunctional Teams Satirical point of view – just in case there are any peeps out there who might mistake this post as an attempt to actually help build a successful team. Key #1 – Don’t Communicate… Continue Reading →

Making Teamwork Safe

Sometimes you just want to throw the towel. Not a “throwing in” the towel so much as just throwing the towel. It’s not about resignation. It’s more about frustration. A throwing it with power and purpose. I remember thinking to… Continue Reading →

A Sea-Turf Approach to Buy In

I can still remember the exact jobsite, the heat of the day, and the conversation like it happened yesterday. “You can’t be the lead hand on this job, you’re not even a journeyman yet”. The words came with heavy sarcasm… Continue Reading →

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