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What Inspires You?

  What inspires you? Music? Great Biographies? A Movie, Play, or how about that book that you couldn’t put down? Often times I am inspired by those who through difficult circumstances and almost insurmountable odds overcome their circumstances. It’s the… Continue Reading →

Invest in People – the returns are always better than you expect.

Re-reading my ‘happy birthday’ letter to my 16 yr. old daughter the other day not only made me feel nostalgic but also a slight tinge of fear mixed with wonder. Did I raise her well enough? Did I tell her… Continue Reading →

The Power of One Word…

In this crazy political climate one thing is ringing true. The value of trust could not be higher. I would guess that in almost any political era it has been hard to trust almost any elected official. Type the word… Continue Reading →

Routines – pt 2

Several posts ago I wrote about routines and how I have designed and utilized what I call my, ‘5 after 5’. Five things that I try to get accomplished after 5 am. Since then some people have been asking me… Continue Reading →


I know that not everyone’s a football fan, just like not everyone is a bacon fan (we can talk about that later) but I do favour both. So I’m partaking in something that I haven’t had a chance to do… Continue Reading →

Only One Thing…

If someone said to you, ‘you have one year to accomplish only one thing, what would your one thing be?’. A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my journey through an exercise called Life Planning. I spent considerable time… Continue Reading →


Let me be completely transparent. I’m naturally an evening person. I like staying up late. I always have liked staying up late. Not surprisingly, I can do some pretty good work in the evening. I found some of my best… Continue Reading →

Life Planning – Looking Ahead to 2017

Where did this year go? How did it go by so fast? As we draw close to the end of 2016 I am going to try an experiment for 2017. For several years I have taken sometime near the end… Continue Reading →

6 Paths to Becoming ‘Unflappable’

How is it that patience can be so hard to grow and so easy to lose? It would seem that many an attribute suffer this dilemma. We work so hard to ensure the environmental conditions are just right. We till… Continue Reading →

4 Tools for Crafting Wisdom

We have been around them for a long time. We admire them, emulate them, pour accolades upon them and hold them up as a standard worthy of investing our time, money, and resources. More often than not we see them… Continue Reading →


Can people walk, chew gum, play Frisbee, and solve calculus problems at the same time? Can people really multi-task or is just a myth? Does multi-tasking make us more productive? I have recently challenged myself to read 10-12 books in a… Continue Reading →

The Practice of Remembering…

There are often seasons in my life that I stop and spend some time remembering. I often think back to significant events in my life and walk my way through them. I’m not sure if this is something that I… Continue Reading →

Execution -the most underestimated skill of great leadership.

Imagine, if you will, that you have been training for weeks or even months to hit a personal record or to compete in a competition. I used to train in powerlifting and my training partners would often set pretty high… Continue Reading →

4 Methods of Getting a Stronger Heart

You have often heard the phrase, ‘his heart just wasn’t in it’ or when someone changes their mind on something significant we often say they had ‘a change of heart’. When your young child wants something very badly we say… Continue Reading →

When I was an apprentice in the plumbing trade, I learned very quickly that in order to compete with the other apprentices (sometimes this is done to complete tasks but more often than not it is about keeping your job)… Continue Reading →

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