This was such a great episode! Kat is a plumbing/gasfitting instructor at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) located in Calgary, Alb. We first met at last year’s Pipe Instructor’s Conference and she graciously accepted my invitation to be n the show.

Kat’s straightforward approach to teaching the trade she loves and living a trades life is a testimony to the influence and direction that this trade had in store for Kat.

One apology though…the sound quality is not exactly at the level of standard I would like. Truth be told, I recorded this interview over Skype and it seems at certain points there was some feedback from my mic – sorry. But the content of this episode is really good.

I won’t give anything away – you’ll have to listen for yourself and if you are ever in the city of Calgary and looking for something to do – go tour the SAIT campus. It will not disappoint.

As always – vis facare – and be sure to send the word out that there is a podcast about people’s experiences in their craft. I want to get the message that trades people are awesome, the trades life is very rewarding, and there is more to the trades than just building things. We build lives.