Before you by-pass this episode and think that self-awareness has no place in the Trades…think about what you felt when you first saw this picture.

That’s being self-aware. What value does it have for people in the skilled trades? Take a listen then see for yourself if there’s value in it.

Having self-awareness means you possess three different ingredients;

Self-Confidence (SC)

Accurate Self Assesment (ASA)

Emotional Awareness (EA)

self-confidence is not something to learn like you would learn rules – rather being self-confident is a state of mind that gets stronger through exercise

Strategies for developing EA

  1. Start tuning into how you respond to people.
  2. The next 7 days write these things down – the situation – your emotional response – your actual response.
  3. Scenario building – plan out your responses to other people’s actions/reactions.

Strategies for developing ASA – Beat back your Ego by remembering W.A.R.F

  1. Work at changing your need for control into a need for learning more about the situation.
  2. Admit that you have an ego – call it out.
  3. Reduce your defensiveness and judgementalism.
  4. Focus on efforts and processes for change – not outcomes.

Strategies for developing SC

  1. Present yourself well – be interested / be prepared / be detailed
  2. Plan / Prepare for the unknown
  3. Practice continuous learning – stay on top of tech / take a course / practice your craft…practice breeds confidence because of experience.

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