Are you paying attention?

Paying attention can also be described as ‘active listening’. As a husband, father of four teenagers, and a chief instructor to 15 piping trades instructors the topic of active listening is absolutely an essential skill.

How can you remember to practice this essential skill and get better at it every week? Follow my acronym;

STEP-R (pronounced…stepper)


S – Self-aware

T – Technology

E – Eye contact (but don’t be a creep)

P – Patience

R – Recapping what you heard


The trick with essential skills is to remember they are in most cases the simplest of ideas or concepts. Yet they are easier to talk about than they are to practice.

However, intentionally practice this skill and it will become one of your most powerful assets. Build this skill and you will build respect and trust.

remember…vis facare – you get stronger by doing.



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