In this episode of the Guild I interview the top guests from previous episodes about;

trades education

meta learning

essential skills


how to get the best out of ourselves

As you might be able to tell we had a blast recording this episode. i respect all these guys very much and thier insights are very valuable. i especially appreciate the emphasis on raising the bar for both ourselves as trades educators and for our students. Industry expects no less from us.

you can listen to each of these guests interviews by clicking any one of the links below.

Jeff Dickson

Chad Flinn (although not on this recording he was slated to be here but alas he could not make this one…sorry definately next time!)

Mark Overgaard, Steve Gilles, Lyle Reid

if you find these podcasts helpful and/or interseting please tell people you know. My job is to help other tradespeople become better at their craft by inspiring them with stories and expereinces from other tradespeople. Whether that craft is in the mechanical room or the boardroom.

As always…vis facare – we get better by doing. Also – the road we walk is made by walking (thanks Kacem).