Bryan Pinpin – IP Red Seal Pastry Arts

Three Goals Bryan Wrote Down Before He Started

  1. Pastry Chef @ very good establishment
  2. Teach my craft
  3. Own my own business

Highlights of the Episode:

  • What’s it like to first start out in the kitchen
  • Read several books to help go into the kitchen with eyes wide open – know what to expect before you get there.
  • Just how much creativity is involved and the balance between ego and humility.
  • Introverted nature while at the same time ‘putting your stuff out there’
  • How success is defined in the culinary world
  • What is a Michelin Star rating?

Highlights from his ‘apprenticeship’ experience;

  1. Lessons in the kitchen became life lessons.
  2. Leadership skills / Soft skills.
  3. People you meet and work with.

Quote(s) of the episode:

This is not for the faint of heart.

You really get to know who you are through your experiences/lessons learned in the kitchen.

The best kitchens are the cleanest kitchens.

Answering the ‘Why should I go into Culinary?’

  1. Kill your aspirations for any kind of glory.
  2. Are you willing to work for free when you first start out?
  3. Your satisfaction should come from satisfying others through your product.


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