Jeff Dickson

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Jeff Dickson – Langley High School – Millennials, Plumbers, and the ACE-It Program

Both Dads are tradesmen

Red Seal Plumber – TQ’d Gasfitter

TTED Graduate – High School Shop Teacher

Pioneered the ACE-IT program with BCIT and Langley High School


What We Talked About:

  • Early experience with Dad in the trades
  • Dad has three certifications – Plumber / Gasfitter / Electrician
  • Dad’s concern that Jeff isn’t down upon because of the trades
  • Being the first plumbing apprentice at BC Comfort
  • Started his teaching career at Walnut Grove Secondary (Electronics Teacher)
  • Starting a New Trades Program with the Bad News Bears of high school students
  • The Power of a Positive Paycheck!
  • Kids have to apply to get into the program


What You Might Learn:

  • ACE IT program at Langley
  • Jeff gets these kids a coop placement
  • Ace IT has been running at Langley High School for over 10 years
  • Expectations, Accountability, and Responsibility are power tools to fuel success
  • Just because a “kid” seems like a discard from the school system doesn’t mean they can’t be really great tradespeople.
  • Reality is a great teacher of life lessons – and high school can be a great environment to help that process.


Quotes of the Episode:

“Most kids are Mathphobic”

“I’ll treat you like an adult as long as you act like one”

“Engage in your own learning”

“If we’re teaching something there should be some be some value in for these kids “

“these kids needed a vehicle to learn and succeed – this program was that vehicle”

“for the first time ever I’m doing homework – because it actually means something to me”

“you’re not in this alone”

“this is the opportunity for you to grow up”

“more kids should have more technical training”



BCIT ELTT Foundation Program

BCIT TTED Program (Technology Teacher Program)

BC Comfort

Langley ACE IT program