Shownotes for the Guild podcast episode 18 – Metal Fab

Steel Fab Trades – Iron Worker, Steel Fabrication, Boilermaker

Metal Fab / Ironworker – 3 year Red Seal Trade

Mike McKoryk (Metal Fab Chief Instructor) –

Peter Thomas (Metal Fab Instructor) –

What you might learn from this episode

  • You (guys) shall show up to school sober
  • Very different culture back on the day – trades have changed considerably since then.
  • Lots of Johnston Street Blue on the boots
  • Circle of Respect-Humility-Legacy
  • Different learning curves for different people
  • Vast range of skill sets required to each trade covered by the ‘Metal Fab’ label
  • You always leave a piece of yourself at every job (sometimes literally)
  • We can’t do this all by our-selves
  • Learn as much as you can from as many as you can

Quotes of the Episode…

  • You can always learn to rivet off YouTube
  • This brings up another story
  • Chance encounters can be very meaningful
  • There’s a humility to be found in each day because no two days are the same


BCIT Steel Fabrication –

BCIT Steel Trades –

BCIT Ironworker –

BCIT Metal Fab Training Series Preview –

BCIT Boilermaker –

Ironworkers Local 712 –

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