In this tribute to my dad, I highlight some of the things that made my dad…well, my dad.This episode is born out of the celebration of tradespeople day (Sept 15) and the fact that my Dad’s birthday was Sept 29.

I recorded this episode in my hotel room while traveling to complete some research about trades training and thought that I should get it done before the Tyranny of the Urgent swept all available time away.

My dad and I shared what I guess would be the typical father-son relationship. He didn’t really understand me and I didn’t really appreciate who he was until far too late. Yet he was a model of hard work, solid integrity, and unwavering grit. My dad was a Lineman for BC Hydro and he made an impact not only on his family but also upon those with whom he worked.

I hope you enjoy this episode, if not that’s OK – it’s a tribute to my dad, not you. (no offense)

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