Introduction to the Series – Servant Leadership

I wanted to start a new series on servant leadership and I thought what better way to do a series than to actually go through the book on Servant Leadership (SL) written by Robert K. Greenleaf. As some of you may know I have done a couple of book reviews in the past and I was originally going to do the same with SL. I like to read and to actually have the time to sit down and read is not only a challenge but is also very rewarding. By creating this kind of series I not only get to challenge myself to have a consistent reading schedule but i also get to share with you what I’m reading and have the opportunity to go a little deeper with the review.
If you want why don’t you join me in not only carving out the time to read more but also to read along with me? I will be reading and posting one chapter a week.

Answering the why

So, why Servant Leadership?
Three reasons.
One – I came across this book during the time of writing for my Master’s degree and have wanted to sit down and digest it further. Yet like most of us, finding myself time-challenged, I never got to it. Now is the time to get after it.
Two – I want to learn and practice the art of serving through leadership. I feel that given the climate of today’s employment landscape and the constant challenge in the evolution of leading families, volunteer groups, work groups, and even leading my own self – I need to cultivate an attitude of servant-hood.
Three – a book endorsed by both Steven Covey (Forward) and Peter Senge (Afterword) should not be over looked.

Goals in reading Servant Leadership…

  1. Finish the Book.
  2. Post once a week re: each chapter.
  3. Help generate some discussion around the topics of serving and leading.
Want to join me? Stay tuned each Tuesday for the next 12 weeks. Better yet, get the book and engage in the dialogue. Until then…vis facare.
Chapter Breakdown:
Chapter 1 – The Servant as Leader
Chapter 2 – The Institution as Servant
Chapter 3 – Trustees as Servants
Chapter 4 – Servant Leadership in Business
Chapter 5 – Servant Leadership in Education
Chapter 6 – Servant Leadership in Foundations
Chapter 7 – Servant Leadership in Churches
Chapter 8 – Servant-Leaders
Chapter 9 – Servant Responsibility in a Bureaucratic Society
Chapter 10 – America and World Leadership
Chapter 11 – An Inward Journey
Chapter 12 – Postcript
Amazon link to the book – here.