The Guild Podcast Season 2-Episode 26

Welcome Back!

What happened in December?

  1. Took a break – Why did I do it that way?
    1. Wanted to take a small sabbatical from content development
    2. Doing some research about “Inter-Collegiate Practice”
    3. Started a new job as the Chief Instructor for the Piping Department

What’s happening with the blog? (Written portion)

  1. On hiatus right now – didn’t allow the time to grow in my writing, might circle back to it- might not.
  2. Felt I was more effective with my ‘sarcasm perspective’ – not sure that’s something I want to build a blogging platform on/with.

Planning 2018

  1. Review of Last Year’s Goals / Calendars / Shortfalls
  2. Tweaked my four Life Categories
  3. Kept the goals to two for the year – what was fundamentally important to me for my success in 2018? How would I define and strategize success?
    1. WAG Goal 1 – lose 75 lbs by Dec 15.
    2. WAG Goal 2 – move the ELTT group into a capstone project-based program.
    3. What does that look like? How am I going to work towards those two goals? – how does a building get built? One brick at a time. And every building begins with a plan (blueprints).

Changes to the structure of the podcast

  1. Why change the structure? – based on some feedback I’m trying out the shorter episodes and remodeling the production a tiny bit. Still doing my own production so there will always be room for improvement.
  2. Like to change things up a bit but I also want to hear back from you

Leadership in the Trades

  1. Leadership has always been an area of interest for me – as far back as I can remember I’ve always been involved in some kind of leadership.
  2. I’ve had some great leaders in my life. I’ve also gravitated towards some great leaders from history – their bios fascinate me.
  3. As a tradesperson, I was fortunate to have had some great teachers, mentors, and colleagues and they have always inspired me to do my best.
  4. That carried over into my career at BCIT and eventually led me to a Masters degree in leadership.
    1. What can you do with that?
    2. What it’s taught me
  5. Leadership in Trades segment for the podcast
    1. Leadership principles
    2. Leadership styles
    3. Leadership trends
    4. Practical leadership applications – LOOK OUT FOR IT!